Brand advantage

60 years of quality commitment

Founded in 1966
26 industry-leading patents
60 years of quality commitment
Elevator products sold in over 36 Countries in all five continents
Founded in 1966 and headquartered in Wasserliesch,
Germany, Piconorm Group has been dedicated to the elevator
field for more than 50 years, with 26 industry-leading patents,
and elevator products sold in over 80 countries in all five continents.

As the world's leading elevator manufacturer,
we provide global customers with high-end villa lift total solutions.



Traction villas lift

Classical model

Main products

Piconorm, as Mercedes-Benz in the villa elevator


C-FINE 1000
The C-fine series traction villas lift realizes the lifting movement of the car through the traction force generated by the traction assembly to complete the traction drive. Highly integrated intelligent control system is adopted to achieve smooth braking and low noise; all kinds of metal materials are applicable to the car decoration to fully demonstrate the magnificence and elegance of the car.
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Positive drive villa lift

Excellence model

Main products

as Mercedes-Benz in the villa elevator


E-FREE 3000
E-free series positive drive villa lift adopts the positive drive method to guide the car running up and down and complete the lifting drive. European imported dedicated crane wire rope is adopted, with extremely high safety factor and service life; and the additional rope creep protection ensures safe operation. With the brand new extruded aluminum profile car structure, perfect decorative ceiling design and brighter car with uniform light, the carved details of technology create personified lifestyle.
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Screw villa lift

Supreme model

Main products

as Mercedes-Benz in the villa elevator


S-future series screw villa lift is designed by German senior engineers, through the perfect combination of screw and steel band to achieve the car operation. Advanced screw technology is applied, with ultra-low civil requirements, easy installation, safety and reliability. The fine details of art design have added aesthetic enjoyment to the experience.
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Classic case

Gather the essence of German craft

360-degree all-sensory experience hall

Put yourself in experience hall and feel 360° aesthetic feast

The brand image

Lean intelligent manufacturing,made in Germany

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